Communications for Educators

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PARCC is committed to providing tools and resources for educators to communicate within their states and across the consortium.

Twitter Town Halls

In June 2013, PARCC launched a series of Twitter Town Halls to encourage conversation between classroom and district-level educators, PARCC content experts and state education leaders.

Transcripts are available via the following links:

June 5, 2013: Twitter Town Hall Series Launch with Deborah Gist, Rhode Island Commissioner of Education

June 13, 2013: Mathematics Twitter Town Hall with Doug Sovde (PARCC), Carrie Piper (PARCC), Darren Burris (Massachusetts ELC member), and Heather Brown (Illinois Content Expert)

June 20, 2013: English language arts/literacy Twitter Town Hall with Bonnie Hain (PARCC) and Char Shryock (Ohio ELC Member)

More Twitter Town Hall Series dates are forthcoming.

Educator Leader Cadre Monthly Updates

Also in June 2013, PARCC began distributing a series of monthly newsletters aimed at informing Educator Leader Cadre members (and their peers!) about major PARCC events.

Back issues of these Monthly Updates are available via the following links:

June 2013 Issue

July 2013 Issue

August 2013 Issue

September 2013 Issue

Model Educator Communications & Materials

To aid teachers in communicating with their peers, PARCC has created a number of resources that can be adapted or used--in or out of the classroom.

PARCC: An Educator's Assessment PowerPoint


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