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The new assessments serve as an "educational GPS system," assess students' current performance, and point the way to what students need to learn by graduation so they are ready for college and/or a career. 
The PARCC assessments are designed to give schools and teachers more information to improve instruction. Moreover, PARCC is designed to let parents know how their child is progressing academically.
The PARCC assessment will allow parents to engage in their child's education by giving parents more information about how their child is progressing in school.


Parent Resources Developed by Educators
PARCC Educator Leader Cadre members and other educators from PARCC states recently developed a packet of resources that can be shared with parents and families to help them better understand the PARCC assessment system and how it will be used to provide teachers and families information they can use to see where students are in their academic work and to provide the supports and enrichment they need. All the materials located below can be downloaded and customized with your school's or district's logo--and then converted into PDFs for distribution. Areas for customization are colored red within the documents and each resource was developed with a specific grade band--elementary, middle or high school--in mind.
Parent Resources from Your State


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