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Ohio is a Governing State in the PARCC Consortium

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard Ross serves on the PARCC Governing Board. Jim Wright, Director of the Office of Assessment at the Ohio Department of Education, is the K-12 Lead for PARCC in Ohio. John Carey, Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, serves on the PARCC Advisory Committee on College Readiness. Stephanie Davidson, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Rebecca Watts, Associate Vice Chancellor for P-16 Initiatives at the Ohio Board of Regents, coordinate PARCC-related postsecondary engagement activities in the state.

Ohio Commitment to Higher Standards

Ohio has been actively engaged in the American Diploma Project Network, aligning its standards and graduation requirements to the expectations of postsecondary education and employers. The Ohio State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy in June 2010.  In August 2010, Ohio became one of twelve states to win the Race to the Top competition. The state joined the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers as a Participating State in the spring of 2010 and helped shape PARCC’s proposal for a common, next-generation assessment system. It became a PARCC Governing State in November 2011. 

Postsecondary Commitment to College and Career Readiness

The PARCC assessment measures real world skills that colleges value, like critical thinking and problem solving. That’s why all of Ohio’s public two- and four-year colleges and universities have committed to participate in PARCC. They helped develop the assessments to ensure that it measures college readiness.

Ohio’s college and universities will use those assessments as one of the indicators of a student’s readiness for entry-level, credit-bearing college courses – and because these institutions educate every freshman entering public colleges and universities in Ohio, we’re ensuring that our students succeed.

See a full list of participating institutions here.

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