PARCC Timeline

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PARCC will conduct research studies on the new assessment items spring and summer 2013, will field test the assessments in the 2013-14 school year, and full operational administration is scheduled to begin in 2014-15. This is an aggressive timeline that will require a strategy that draws on state policymakers, district and school officials, and classroom teachers to ensure a successful and efficient implementation and transition.

2010-11 School Year: Launch and design phase

2011-12 School Year: Development begins

2012-13 School Year: Item research and tryouts, and related research and data collection

2013-14 School Year: Field testing and related research and data collection

2014-15 School Year: Full operational administration of PARCC assessments

Summer 2015: Set achievement levels, including college- and career-ready performance levels

For a more detailed timeline of key activities, please see here. 



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PARCC Key Milestones Timeline (PDF)PARCC Key Milestones Timeline (PDF)